• If you need emergency assistance, please dial 911 immediately.

Code RED

Sevier County uses Code RED to call landlines & cellular phones, send text messages, send emails, and the Code RED Mobile App to inform the public of immediate threats to health and safety. Examples include the need to evacuate during a wildfire, take appropriate action during a flashflood, or stay inside because of critical police activity in your area.

  1. Code RED will deliver a brief message to devices which have been registered to receive the Code RED Alerts.
  2. The system allows the agency to select who is called by defining an area on a map or notifying all registered contacts.
  3. The message is then ‘launched.’ The system automatically calls each landline number in the selected audience, playing the recorded message when the phone is answered.
  4. The system also calls other phone numbers, sends text messages, and sends emails to residents who have “opted in” to the system for notifications.
  5. To sign up for emergency alert messages, go to: public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/BFF333CFFEA0
  6. If the phone is busy, the system will re-try. If an answering machine is encountered, the system will attempt to leave a message.
  7. If a TDD signal is encountered, the system will leave a TDD message.
  8. When you receive an emergency alert call, listen carefully to the information in the recorded message. It will contain:
    1. The name of the agency that recorded the message.
    2. Details as to the nature of the impending danger.
    3. What action you need to take.
  9. You may repeat the message by following the system prompts. Do not hang up in the middle of the message as there may be specific instructions related to the incident which should be followed.
Code RED