• If you need emergency assistance, please dial 911 immediately.

Why use outdoor warning sirens?

Sirens are still the most effective method to warn the population at large in the shortest amount of time who are outside of their residence/workplace. People who may be outdoors at ball games, in their yard, or anywhere else where they are not in contact with the normal news media channels such as radio, TV or local public address systems.

If you have any questions regarding the Outdoor Warning Sirens in Sevier County, please contact Sevier County EMA at (865) 453-4919 or email ema@seviercountytn.gov.

Types of Sirens within Sevier County


Modulator (Loud Speaker)
The Modulator Sirens are capable of producing an audible sound, voice, and music. The Modulator Sirens can provide an audible alert followed verbal instructions of the requested action as dictated by the event.

mechanical siren

The Mechanical Sirens are only capable of providing an audible alert to the community.

  • What are outdoor warning sirens?

    Outdoor warning sirens are loud, distinct sirens used to alert people of severe weather or other threats facing a community. They are typically activated by local emergency management officials.

  • Why use outdoor warning sirens?

    Outdoor warning sirens are the fastest and most effective way to alert the public who are outside of a structure when a local emergency occurs. This is especially important for people who are outdoors, such as at ball games, in their yards, or in other places where they may not be able to hear or see other warnings.

  • What should I do if I hear an outdoor warning siren?

    If you hear an outdoor warning siren, seek shelter inside immediately. Once inside, turn on a TV or Radio 1680 AM or look at the Sevier County Emergency Management Agency social media accounts to learn more about the emergency. Local emergency officials will provide information and instructions through these outlets.

  • Are outdoor warning sirens in Sevier County tested?

    The Sevier County Outdoor Warning System is tested monthly on the first Wednesday at 12:00PM. This tests both mechanical and audible sirens monthly to ensure that the system is in a state of operational readiness.

  • What is the range of the outdoor warning sirens?

    Outdoor warning sirens can be heard for up to 0.5 to 1 mile away, but the distance can vary depending on the weather and other conditions. Keep in mind that sirens are designed to warn people who are outside, so they may not be audible indoors.

  • Where are the outdoor warning sirens located in Sevier County?

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  • What are the types of Outdoor Warning Sirens in Sevier County?

    Mechanical Sirens – When tested, the siren will rotate 360 degrees and provide a momentary activation of the mechanical alerting mechanism. The mechanism will provide a short siren sound.

    Modulator Sirens – Modulator sirens will play a brief excerpt of ‘Rocky Top’.